Life !!!

Life… matter how simple or short this word seems to be but actually, it is the toughest word to understand. Till today, I am trying to figure out, what exactly it is.  In fact, no one has been able to understand it completely and that is because, it means differently to different people. There is no particular definition to life.

Everyone has a different outlook towards life. Some look at it as a reason to celebrate, while there are others who take it as a burden or complain about it. The more we move forward in life, the more we understand it in a better way.  Sometimes, when I sit alone and ponder about life, it seems to be a strange riddle which seems straightforward on the face of it but, is intricate to its depth. Nothing in life is static, no situation is permanent. Life is ever evolving. Whatever was yesterday, is not there today; whatever is there today, will not be there tomorrow. There were fun days and there were some very ardous days. Everything passed away in its own time. More importantly, there were some people in our lives or around us, some of whom are not there today. While, there are some people, who might not be there tomorrow. In fact, we ourselves are not permanent. We will also pass away one day.

As that old song says, “Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jate hain jo makam, vo fir nahi aate….fir nahi aate”. This song explains life wonderfully. Whatever has passed, can never come back. Each day is a different day which once spent can not come back. So, to put it simply, it is necessary to live each day gracefully, thanking God for his blessings, sharing some smiles, greeting people and enjoying each moment. Above all, Life is so uncertain and unpredictable. Who knows, what will happen next moment. It is a graph which goes up and down in different phases. Therefore, we should be thanking God for his blessings in Good times and in bad times as well as we never know what’s going to happen the next moment. Sometimes, it frightens me to think what will happen in coming moments , will it be something good or something bad; whatever I have today, will I not be having the same tomorrow.

Problem is, we take life for granted. The fact is, that life is very short, our breaths are numbered, our days are decided already. So, just put on that smile on your face each day and live life to the fullest because, we really don’t know when the time would come for us to bid goodbye to this world and our life would come to an end.

Today, people have high egos, they fight over money, spoil even the blood relations due to petty issues and everyone has their own mindset. But, in a life that is so precious, that is running so quickly, can we afford to stay annoyed or pamper our ego against our loved ones?? We really can’t as no one knows , which word will be a person’s last or which meeting will be the final one. Although, we all know this but tend to forget and often we get frustrated and upset with life.

The Golden rule is, not to take life for granted, not to take any relation or person for granted. Live life as it comes, without any egos, without any regrets and without any fights. Rabb Rakha !!